The Alabama Ballet presents Ovation – April 6th through 9th at the Dorothy Jemison Day Theater

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CBS42 Community) – The Alabama Ballet company is working hard during these last few days of practice before opening night of Ovation. The show features “The Purple Ones” and Twyla Tharp’s “In The Upper Room.”

Richard Colton was flown in from Boston to help coach the dancer’s performance of In The Upper Room.

“It was one of the first ballets to use the point shoe almost like a weapon. It’s a 40-minute, non-stop piece to the propulsive music of Phillip Glass,” Colton said.

Company dancer Alexander Forck says that this ballet is a welcomed contrast from all the classical shows the dancers have performed this season.

“One of the cool things about this ballet, in particular, is that you get to see the physicality of dancing. I think that’s why dancing kind of gets looked over because we have to make it look pretty and effortless. This one kind of shows us getting down into the ground. You can see us trying – you see the physicality of everything,” Forck said. “This show is a lot more labor intensive. One of the great things about this is that the music is so different from the other classical ballets. Our thighs and quads and hamstrings are very sore!”

During Ovation, expect a Rock N’ Roll energy with a unique mix of tap dancing, ballet, yoga, and even boxing.

“Dance is one of the most cathartic experiences for an audience. It does beyond anyone thought. Martha Graham said a movement never lies. There’s just something you take in when you see wonderful dancers which Alabama Ballet is filled with,” said Colton.

Click here to purchase your tickets for Ovation. The show runs April 6th – 9th at the Dorothy Jemison Day Theater at The Alabama School of Fine Arts.

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