1 killed in shooting at Cullman County home on County Road 1759

CULLMAN COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — One person is dead after a shooting at a home on the 700 block of CR 1759 in the Baileyton community, the sheriff says.

According to Sheriff Matt Gentry, there are two scenes: the first is the home where the shooting occurred, and the second is in the 5800 block of Highway 67.

Gentry says two men came to the home, and they knew and were targeting whoever was inside the house.

While investigators are still working to figure out the motive behind the visit, but Gentry said it appeared that the men planned to commit an assault or robbery.

According to Gentry, a fight broke out. He said it appeared that the homeowner shot one of the visitors, before both visitors left.

Gentry said the homeowner called 9-1-1, and a separate call came from about a mile down Hwy 67, where the visitors’ car was stopped.

The man who was shot died, and officials found him inside the vehicle. His companion fled the scene, and deputies are still searching for him.

Gentry told CBS 42 that he does not believe the man on the run poses any immediate threat to the public, as this appears to be an isolated incident. Investigators don’t believe he was from Cullman County, and there’s no evidence that indicates he’s still in the area.

The Cullman County Coroner is still working to identify the man who was shot to death.

As for the homeowner, Gentry said it is unlikely that he will face charges.

“You have a right to protect yourself. If someone comes in your home to commit an assault or a robbery, any citizen has that right,” Gentry said, adding, “but until we know the motives and the entire incident in itself, we can’t speculate. But at this time, the homeowner is cooperative with law enforcement.”


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