Walker County Fairy Godmothers making prom dreams come true

WALKER COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) —  A group in Walker County is making sure teens in need don’t have to worry about coming up with a way to buy a prom dress.

They call themselves the Walker County Fairy Godmothers. It’s an idea that started about two years ago. Heather Hood, a substitute teacher in Walker County received a call asking her to help a girl find a dress for prom. It grew from there.

This year, the Walker County Fairy Godmothers Association is helping 10 girls in the area.

The goal, collect dresses and then give them to girls in need. The dresses are free, in all sizes, styles and colors.

Hood says it’s really so much more than just a dress, it’s about creating that Cinderella moment.

“We’re just moms trying to help these kids and knowing that if we help them who are our future leaders and our future community service members when we get older they’ll know how to give back to their community,” said Hood.

This year, third-year cosmetology students at the Center of Technology in Walker County are helping the so-called princesses get glammed up.

Makayla Robbins needed a dress for prom last year and thanks to the fairy godmothers, she was able to go.

“It was amazing because if it wasn’t for Heather and the amazing ladies and all the people that help I wouldn’t have went to prom,” said Robbins.

All they ask is that the girls who receive a dress, donate it back or pay it forward by giving it to someone else who needs it.

If you know someone who’s in need of a prom dress or if you would like to donate a dress to the Walker County Fairy Godmothers, reach out to them here.

You can also call Hood at (205) 544-0371 or drop off dresses at the Walker County Center of Technology.

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