Ashley’s Mom Monday: Clearing out the clutter this spring

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Don’t let the stress of organizing keep you from enjoying the outdoors this spring.

For this week’s Mom Monday, Ashley shares some ways to clear out the clutter and make spring cleaning less overwhelming.

We spoke to simplification expert Tara Bremer with House Peace to learn her top tips and tricks for a peaceful home. She says a good place to start is making sure everything has its place.

“So I really like to keep drawers from becoming a soup,” Bremer explained. “Well, we all have amazon boxes, and I like to just collect little boxes that are nice and sturdy. I’ll cut the lid right off and I use those in drawers all the time.”

Once everything has its own place, it’s on to the closet.

“The first thing is if you have clothes that you don’t need anymore to obviously donate or discard those,” Bremer explained. “Once you’ve trimmed down what you need, the next thing will be to make sure your hangers match. You won’t have visually distracting colors and things like that. I would recommend swapping all the hangers out to be uniform.”

Bremer says a good pro tip is to keep all of your clothes in your closet year-round.

“It’s a lot of work,” Bremer said. “I would just prefer to keep everything in the closet, so you can see what all you have and you don’t forget.”

After the closet is all set, it’s time to move to the kid’s creations. Bremer recommends getting boxes to store crafts in.

“I’ve got my son’s boxes and I keep artwork that his handwriting on it,” Bremer explained. “I’ll even throw in an occasional photograph, a special picture of the 2 of us.”

You may want to think about trading the cute storage bins that you can’t see through for something clear.

“I like clear containers for kid’s toys,” Bremer said. “I would really prefer things that latch and nest and you can stack.”

We’ve all been guilty of hanging on to nic nacks thinking that we may use them again one day. Bremer shared a helpful pro tip on how to tell what you should keep and what you should throw away.

“If you can replace something in 20 minutes for less than 20 dollars, then you can have the freedom to pitch it,” Bremer said.

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