College students upset after white supremacist fliers found on Auburn campus

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Some University of Alabama students are concerned about what a white supremacist group is doing at Auburn University.

An alt-right group calling themselves the Auburn White Student Union has been handing out anti-Semitic fliers around campus.  Auburn officials say the group is not a school student organization and has stated that it finds their views reprehensible.

University of Alabama student Teryn Shipman says it is important to stand up against these hate groups.

“I think it’s really terrible, all of it,” Shipman said. “That they go to these types of extremes to bring about hate in different spaces. I think it’s super extreme. Racism and hate needs to stop.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center has been keeping an eye on the Auburn White Student Union group.  Lecia Brooks is the Outreach Director.

“Well it is important to track them because you want to know where hate is,” Brooks said. “You want to know where it is and how to expose it, that’s the work of the Southern Poverty Law Center. To identify where these groups are and marginalize them and make the public aware and push them back to the margins.”

There are reports that the alt-right group has taken similar actions at some other universities campuses, including the University of Alabama. But spokesperson Shane Dorrill says the University of Alabama Police Department hasn’t taken any reports about fliers.

UA student Erin Mayer is hoping those who practice race hatred will stay away from Tuscaloosa and Alabama’s campus.

“Take away color, take away gender.  We are all the same structure and we are all human beings,” Mayer said. “We all have hearts and bones and souls and minds.  Just because looks different doesn’t mean they are different.  That doesn’t make them any better or worse than you.  We need to love each other and stop this hatred.”

The SPLC says there have been more than 100 incidents this school year involving white supremacist groups handing out fliers on American college campuses.

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