Alabama legislators discuss moving forward under new administration

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — New leadership under Governor Kay Ivey comes as we enter the last half of this legislative session. Lawmakers are running out of time to get things done at the state house.

Political analysts and legislators say it’s going to be hard to get anything done that could be traced back to the Bentley administration. So task forces the former governor set up, like gaming and payday lending, even his prison reform plan, anything they try to push is likely dead on arrival. That’s because lawmakers are not going to want to look like they are pushing the Bentley legacy forward.

Representative Ed Henry says you couldn’t get clear answers on any of Bentley’s legislation, so no one trusted things like his prison reform plan. He says Governor Ivey is a strong, conservative woman who is going to be thorough at looking over legislation. So, things like Bentley’s prison plan have zero chance of making its way through.

Rep. Ed Henry, (R) Hartselle said: “Previously there was a lot of air of corruption around the way it was done, was it going to benefit one or two particular entities in Governor Bentley’s favor, or was it really needed to be done the way it was. I think with him gone and Governor Ivey’s leadership, we are going to be able to address the real needs in the prison system and the department of corrections.”

Lawmakers also don’t think any gambling legislation will get done. There’s a push to get a gas tax through but Representative Henry says that’s not going to be an easy lift in the house.

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