NobleBank & Trust: An inside look at one of Alabama’s fastest growing community banks

VESTAVIA HILLS, Ala. (CBS42 Community) – If you are a business owner, community banks are crucial for your financing. Over the past month, our team has researched one of Alabama’s fastest growing banks, NobleBank & Trust. The bank was founded in 2005 by Anthony Humphries who says opening the bank made his lifelong dream of serving others a reality.

“We really did have a vision of truly being a blessing, if you will, to our community. NobleBank & Trust is about creating relationships with the communities we serve,” Humphries said.

Senior EVP, Paul Rogers, says that NobleBank & Trust works to develop partnerships with hometown businesses.

“Some business owners have never experienced what it’s like to have a banker that’s truly a partner with them. But for the ones that have, they come to understand how key a role that is. The advice, the help, the customizing, the flexibility that they can find is really critical as a part of their team and as a part of their focus and growing their business,” Rogers said.

Boozer Beam, located in Anniston, has been serving business all over the country for over 80 years. Owner Bud Owsley says that one of his biggest secrets to success is being able to work with a community bank. He said that NobleBank & Trust is the perfect fit for his company because they both operate with the same core values; customer focus and relationship building.

“Business people are always looking at the possibilities. They’re always thinking about every opportunity turning into gold. But in reality, that doesn’t always work out. Having a banking partner who will be willing to guide you through a process of getting a loan, but also be ready to tell you “no” is crucial. Sound business advice is not always saying yes to everything,” Owsley said.

To other business owners, Owsley says that “you don’t just have to settle for mediocre. You don’t just have to settle for being a number. You can truly have a relationship that will be beneficial and helps you run your business.”

Doctor Duane Randleman owns multiple varicosity vein centers that help patients all over central Alabama. He started his practice three-years-ago by opening a location in Homewood. Randleman relied on his relationship with Rogers to help with all his banking needs.

“When we need to borrow money, most of us don’t want to be treated like a number. Most of us want somebody to understand our situation and what we’re trying to accomplish and help us figure it out,” said Randleman. “Paul (Rogers) is in my cell phone. I could call Paul right now and say, ‘Paul, I need to meet tomorrow,’ and he would say, ‘What time?’ So that’s the type bankers you get with NobleBank & Trust.”

Financial decisions mean everything for businesses small and large. When you think of your banking needs, do you have a relationship or a banker? Start building relationships while you grow your business and see the difference a community-focused bank can make in your financial life. Noble Bank & Trust has locations in Birmingham and Anniston/Calhoun Country.

Click here for more information and to find a location near you.

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