MAX Transit rolls out free WiFi on all buses

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Some major changes are coming to max bus services, including a new way to make sure you don’t miss your ride.

Within weeks, the new transit hub will open up in Downtown Birmingham. It’ll combine Greyhound, Max Transit and Amtrak into one centralized location, making things much easier for riders.

MAX Transit is upgrading things on its own. Phase one of the upgrades will include free WiFi, creating non-stop internet access, bus-to-bus, all over the Birmingham metro area.

Bus riders will be able to simply get on the bus, pull out their phones, click on ‘MAX WIFI” and agree to the terms of service.

“Once I get off this bus and I go to another bus I don’t have to do that again. It’s going to automatically connect my phone to the WiFi every time I get on the bus,” said Toney Chestnut with MAX Transit.

Free wi-fi will also be available at the Central Station.

One of the hopes is that as the city continues to grow, more people will turn to MAX Transit to get around. In order for that to happen, MAX is working on several different upgrades; WiFi just being one phase of that.

Coming down the pipeline. MAX is looking to overhaul then entire transit system. Eventually, riders will be able to put money onto a payment card and use that to pay for their rides, much like systems major cities are already using.

“Self-serving kiosks throughout the city so if you’re at your local Walmart or CVS you should be able to buy a bus ticket there and also throughout the app and online being able to purchase bus passes,” said Chestnut.

In the near future, MAX Transit is looking to develop an app, making it easier for riders to plan future trips and track buses in real-time.

“To know exactly where your bus is. To be able to download an app, we will have that coming and you can literally see the bus coming down the street,” said Chestnut.

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