250 people attend charity baseball game to pay tribute to victims of domestic violence

MOUNDVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — A Tuscaloosa County community is paying tribute to two victims of domestic violence who were murdered last January in Moundville.

Hale County and Sipsey Valley Middle Schools teamed up for a good cause on Wednesday afternoon. The two teams played a baseball game to benefit the family of 14-year-old Kaci Mitchell and her mother, 38-year-old Paige Mitchell.  Police say Mitchell’s ex-boyfriend murdered them both.

250 people attended the game to pay tribute to the family, and friends did their best to make sure their memory was honored.

Friends like Kameron Wilson, who is a pitcher for Hale County Middle.

“She was my best friend and we could talk about anything and I miss her,” Wilson said. “And I just want to wear this jersey to honor her.  She had a beautiful smile and always laughed a lot and always told jokes to everybody.  She was just a good person.”

Hale County wore purple jerseys, and Sipsey Valley wore white jerseys with the name “Mitchell” on the back. There were 91 shirts sold at the event, which raised $1,871.  All funds will go to the family of Kaci Mitchell.

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