Fairfield mayor holds press conference addressing video of detective reportedly slapping citizen

FAIRFIELD, Ala. (WIAT) — The city of Fairfield held a press conference to respond to a video that allegedly shows a Fairfield detective hitting a citizen in the face outside of a Citgo gas station on Wednesday.

Christian Hines, the alleged victim, said he went to the gas station Tuesday afternoon, and the video surfaced shortly afterwards.

“I was just trying to talk to [the detective], and see what was going on because my brother in handcuffs,” Hines said. “When I told him I did not want to talk no more, he came up toward me fast, aggressively, and slapped me in my face before I know it I was getting slapped by a police officer.”

Hines said he did not do anything wrong, and that he still has not recovered from the attack.

“I have three kids. I work every day,” Hines said. “For him to slap me, I feel violated. I feel violated.”

Hines said after the slap, he was also arrested for disorderly conduct.

Fairfield Mayor Edward May II told the press that he has seen the video, and the officer has been part of the department for 10 years. He feels as if the incident does not reflect a true picture of the force.

“I regret the whole incident that took place,” May said. “I don’t think that what took place is necessarily reflective of all officers in the city of Fairfield.”

The officer has been suspended without pay, and an investigation will be conducted by Internal Affairs at Fairfield Police.

“After that [investigation], I have an opportunity to review the report and determine if any further disciplinary action should be taken,” May said.

The detective’s name has not been released at this time.

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