Parents still concerned after alleged threat at Corner High School in Jefferson County

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Parents of students in one Jefferson County School are still concerned about safety after an alleged threat that investigators deemed not to be credible this week.

Wednesday, parents of teenagers at Corner High School received a message from school leaders letting them know the school was safe.

The school district and Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office looked into remarks made by a student, according to officials.

“This was a young student that felt like he was not treated fairly and made some comments about what he intended to do, making reference to something that happened some 20 years ago, we take that kind of threat very seriously, just as we do numerous threats,” said Dr. Craig Pouncey, Superintendent with Jefferson County Schools.

Some families still want more information from administrators, despite the message from the school.

“I’m not sending him to school tomorrow either,” said Melissa Davis, who kept her child home Thursday.

Davis wants to know if the student in question is still in the school around other classmates.

“I think they should be able to at least say you know what they done with the child to let the parents be eased about it,” said Davis

During the investigation, Dr. Pouncey said hearsay and misinformation began to spread on social media. Investigators made contact with the student and family members.

“They also on two occasions talked to this student’s father and this student, and I think it’s a lesson that needs to be learned by all students, that we need to be very guarded about what we say,” said Pouncey.

Extra security was on hand at the school and there were no reported issues Thursday. Parents who did not send their teenagers to school out of continued concern asked if the absence would be excused.

“I think there’s been issues about whether it would be an excused absence or unexcused absences, but we had school today in Jefferson County and we expected all of our students to be here today,” said Pouncey

Pouncey said school leaders take all threats or possible threats seriously in order to ensure the safety of students and staff.

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