Puppy saves man from burning home

HANCEVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — A Cullman County family says they’re lucky to be alive and together, and they credit their puppy with making that happen.

Rachel Williams and Leldon Kyle Steele had lived in their mobile home in Hanceville for one year on Wednesday night, when a fire swept through. Steele was asleep in bed, alone at home with their two-month-old puppy, Gage.

“He barked, yelled, screamed, everything he can, pulled the covers off me,” Steele said.

Because of Gage’s insistence, Steele woke up, then smelled smoke.

“Next thing I know, the house is just completely engulfed in flames, smoke,” Steele said. “I could barely get out myself. Me and him ran out, kicked out the back door, got to safety, and called 911.”

Rachel Williams was at work, and the couple’s two-month-old daughter and two-year-old son were with family members during the fire. Williams says when she got the call, she was devastated.

“It was actually a lot going through my head, because we had all the kids’ clothes here. We had just bought our son a toddler bed not long ago, and a little playpen for her,” said Williams.

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Williams says it will be difficult to replace what they have. The couple work hard to make their home and provide for their two young children. More than that, though, she says she was grateful Kyle and Gage were safe.

“I actually ran. I had to park across the road and all I could do is run, worrying about him, wondering if he was okay,” Williams said.

The couple says Gage has been a great addition to their family since they adopted him.

“He’s a very rowdy and playful puppy. He loves the kids,” Williams said.

Now, though, Steele says this little puppy is more than man’s best friend. He’s his hero.

“He will be getting T-bones every night,” Steele said.

The Red Cross is helping the family with emergency aid, and a friend has set up a GoFundMe to help them replace what they have lost. They are looking for children’s clothing, baby items, and other essentials.

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