Some Adger residents concerned about response times to house fires

ADGER, Ala. (WIAT) — Some people living in the community of Adger are concerned about response times to house fires.

These concerns were raised after a family of five lost their home in a fire on Thursday morning on Alabama Lane. Ashley Schilling is a neighbor of that family.

“The living room was engulfed in flames,” Schilling said. “I got to the bus stop and dropped my kids off and came back to the house and it was engulfed in flames. My kids were thinking their friends were inside.”

No one was hurt in the blaze. The Adger Volunteer Fire Department arrived 17 minutes after being dispatched to fight the flames that were only one mile from the fire station. When they arrived the home was fully engulfed.

These firefighters are all volunteers and have other jobs, and the local chief is saying that manpower is an issue for the department.

“We are limited with personnel and equipment on duty. Nobody is here during the day, we respond by page,” said Doug Lawrence, Adger Volunteer Fire Department chief. “It was already 7 o’clock, so everyone was already at work, two personnel happened to be around. It’s a hit or miss if we can cover our territory during the day.”

Crews from the Concord Fire Department did not respond with mutual aid, and Lawrence told CBS42 that he was told that the department did not have enough personnel to respond.  Rod Frazier is an Adger resident, and has concerns about the resources in his community.

“Your house could burn down before they even got out here or get it under control,” Frazier said. “Or somebody being sick could die before somebody comes out and helps with CPR. Those are concerns, but big concerns.”

Lawrence said the department will do their best to protect community with the limited resources they have.

Chief Lawrence said Hueytown fire was also later called to assist, but at that point they had the situation covered. The cause of Thursday’s fire is undetermined at this time.

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