Hoover’s crime rate is dropping, despite city’s growth

When a community grows, you may expect crime to grow with it. But, that’s not the case in Hoover.

Hoover police are proud to say their crime rate has gone down six percent from 2015 to 2016. That may not sound like a lot, but police say that’s huge for a city its size.

The city’s number of solved cases is above the national average. Police say they can’t take credit for those number on their own.

“We would not have those stats if we didn’t have the combination of hard work from the police department and cooperation from the citizens that live here,”  Lt. Keith Czeskleba of Hoover Police said.

Hoover police are using apps like Nextdoor to communicate with people in the area. They’re encouraging neighbors to be proactive in deterring crime and sharing helpful information with police.

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