Tuscaloosa city schools superintendent warns parents about popular Netflix drama

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — A popular Netflix series is causing concern in the Tuscaloosa City School system.

The controversial program, “13 Reasons Why,” is a mini-series based on a best-selling book. The show deals with topics like suicide and bullying, which has some parents worried that the show could have a negative effect on their children.

Superintendent Mike Daria recently sent out email alerts and made phone calls to a number of parents as a precaution. He is hoping parents are talking with their kids about the content of the program.

“We’ve been advised that the content is very serious and we wanted our parents to know that it is out there,” Daria said. “So the purpose in the notification is to make sure parents are aware so they can make the determination what to do once they get it.”

The show deals with the issue of teen suicide where a high school student leaves behind several tape recordings detailing why she took her own life.

Tuscaloosa parent Mary Hussey says her kids will not be watching the Netflix program.

“In this point in my life, I would not let my kids watch this because it’s been highly advertised. It has been something that the media has capitalized on,” Hussey said. “And in a time where kids are getting so much information from other people and other forms of media, I think it is important that they learn about things like this from their parents so you can help them with questions about these troubling issues.”

Superintendent Daria says he and his staff have gotten plenty of positive feedback from parents.

“I think it’s important for parents to be aware of these issues like suicide and bullying,” Daria said. “So that they know what their children are hearing and seeing so they can have those conversations at home.”

Daria says the school system has councilors and social workers available if students need support.

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