If My Parents Only Knew: Why 64% of bullying victims don’t report

Courtesy Shutterstock

(WIAT) — Back when most modern parents were in school, bullying looked a lot different.

‘When we were growing up, you had to say it face to face,” said Garrett, a parent who brought his 15-year-old daughter to the CBS 42 panel. ”You had to deal with what happened. Now, I mean, you’re hiding behind a phone or computer screen, and you’re 10 feet tall and bulletproof.”

Students who spoke with CBS 42 for the series tell us, a lot of the bullying starts on social media these days and moves into reality. They said they had been bullied over the things that they wear, how they look, their intelligence, and even the pictures that they post on social media.

Some of the students explained that the bullying might start out as ”cracking” or ”roasting” but that it gets taken too far and turns physical.

”Some people just make fake accounts to try and troll people,” explained 11-year-old Luke. ”I just blocked people I don’t know.”

According to the National Bullying Prevention Center, 64% of bullying victims didn’t report it and only 33% of cyberbullying targets actually told their parents. We asked…why not?

The answers ranged.  Some students said, they could handle the bullying and that they didn’t want their parents to overreact or intervene. Others said they didn’t want to burden their families with something that might be hurtful.

”It’s names…or…you look nothing like your selfies,” said Grace, 15. ”You put on too many filters. It’s just stupid stuff.”

However, others said the bullying had a tendency to ‘get to them’ over time.  The results of the 2013 National School Climate Survey were pretty shocking, particularly when it comes to LGBTQ students.

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