New development in Gardendale to bring in $30 million annually

GARDENDALE, Ala. (WIAT) — New restaurants and retailers are preparing to set up shop in Gardendale. Mayor Stan Hogeland says the new development project will bring $30 million into the city.

The new development will sit near the intersection of Fieldstown Rd. and Odum Rd, across the street from Walmart and other major retailers already in the area.

Mayor Hogeland says the project could bring well over 250 jobs to the city.

It’s been a long time coming for the city. Over the last 25-30 years, this is the third attempt to get this development moving.

“Fortunately for us, now this is the first time that this is successful in bringing 29 different property owners to the table and to be able to get them all under contract,” said Hogeland.

It’s a project many retailers and developers have been itching to be apart of.

“In meeting with different developers and potential tenants across the country, there were two things they were looking for number one, they wanted access to Fieldstown Road, number two, as you can see behind me, they wanted the interstate visibility”

Some people living in Gardendale say they’re looking forward to the shopping center filling a huge void.

“I’m excited, amazed. We need it in our area so we don’t have to travel outside far out to 280 and out to other parts, Hoover, so that would be great, less than 15 minutes of a drive for me,” said Felicia Ellsberry.

Mayor Hogeland says right now he can’t say which businesses are coming. He plans to make that announcement at the end of the summer.


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