Tuscaloosa NAACP calling on school board to build new elementary school after asbestos scare

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — The Tuscaloosa NAACP held a protest Tuesday morning at Central Elementary School.

Jerry Carter, president of the Tuscaloosa chapter of the NAACP, says the organization is calling on the Tuscaloosa City School Board to build a brand new Central Elementary school building.

But Carter says that hasn’t happened, school officials decided to renovate the older building that was built in the 1930’s instead.

“This school was supposed to be demolished, and they are patching it back up and sending our kids back into it,” Carter said. “This is just wrong and is upsetting.”

Asbestos was discovered in the building last year.  The NAACP is also concerned about a cement plant across the street that claim blows harmful dust towards the school.

“And first of all it’s just not an appropriate place, and the building is not suitable, and we were slated to get a brand new building and that’s what we should have,” Carter said. “We need to protect our kids and make sure they have a safe place to go to school.”

School officials had said that the small amount of asbestos found in Central Elementary is not harmful or dangerous and has been removed. The NAACP has ordered its own independent test.


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