Mother of man gunned down in Collegeville community: ‘They took my son from his sons’

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — “They took my son from his sons. And I’m tired of it–gun violence,” Sherie Moore told CBS 42 News Wednesday, not long after rushing to the scene where her son Ta’Narius Moore was shot and killed near his home in the Collegeville Public Housing Community.

Right now, police are still looking for the person who shot Ta’narius. He was gunned down just after 12 o’clock this afternoon in the Collegeville community. Police say Ta’Narius Moore was arguing with his alleged killer during the last moments of his life.

“A part of me just left. I feel so empty and hurt,” Moore said.

Sherie Moore says she was at work when she got the call.

“They told me that my son had just got shot. I got here and he was laying on the ground. I don’t think he had passed, as of yet. But a couple moments later, he was covered with the yellow sheet. That’s when I was told, sorry for my loss,” Sherie recalled.

Ta’Narius Moore was 25 years old. His mom said he had two young children, and a passion for rap music.

“My son, he was a very loving and kind person. He got along well with others,” she explained.

But there is at least one person – who police say – didn’t get along with Ta’Narius.

“There’s been some type of long term feud between him and another gentleman in this area,” said Sean Edwards with Birmingham PD.

Edwards says that ‘gentleman’ shot Ta’Narius several times after an argument, and ran away. But Edwards hopes he won’t be on the run for long.

“In this case, someone actually saw — several people actually saw what happened. So it’s just a matter of time,” he said. “Hopefully that person will be courageous enough to come forward, give us the information we need.”

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