Tuscaloosa Sheriffs patrol Brookwood High School following shooting threat

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Several Tuscaloosa County Sheriffs patrolled the campus of Brookwood High School today following an alleged threat against the school.

Officials say a note was left in the bathroom stating a shooting would take place on campus on Wednesday.

Parent David Barger was not taking any chances. His son informed him about the threat Wednesday morning, so Barger came to school and picked up his three kids who attend the high school.

“There’s a threat for kids to come up here and shoot the rest of the kids so I’m not going to leave my kids up here to be shot at,” Barger said. “They could have done better about contacting folks, I didn’t know anything until my son texted me. Sent me a picture of him sitting in class with nobody else in there.”

Parent David Barger was glad to see the extra police security, but he thought his best option was taking his kids home. Barger said a good number of students stayed home today.

“But the way kids are doing things now, there are school shootings all the time,” Barger said. “So it is not worth leaving them up here.

Officials at Brookwood High School alerted parents about the threat by putting information on the school website.  CBS 42 News reached out to Superintendent Walter Davie, but he did not want to comment.

The Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case.

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