One Class at a Time: Riverchase Middle School

PELHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — This week, the One Class at a Time team went to Shelby County to make a teacher’s day.

Everyone at Riverchase Middle School in Pelham was excited when we presented Michelle Puckett with a $1,000 grant check.

Puckett is an occupational therapist at three schools in Pelham. She told us she was “blown away” by the surprise.

“I thought I was here for a student parent meeting, just going about a normal routine,” Puckett said. “I thought it was a little strange when she asked me to explain to everybody what an occupational therapy was, and then when all of you came walking in I thought surely it was a joke.”

Puckett told us she plans to use the money to purchase much needed school supplies, and her students couldn’t be more excited for her.

One Class at a Time is made possible by America’s First Financial, Little Caesars, and Pepsi.

Click here to apply for a grant.




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