‘Empowering’ SafeTrek app a must-download for high school grads heading to college

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CBS42 Community) — It’s the time of year where thousands of seniors are graduating from high school and leaving the nest. Parents are finding peace of mind through a new safety app called SafeTrek.

Kelly Weatherton* is like any college student. After a week of studying, she likes to spend her weekends out with friends. That can mean early mornings and late nights walking by herself in downtown Birmingham.

Weatherton says that her parents purchased the SafeTrek app subscription for her.

“At first I thought my parents were just paranoid. After I got in the habit of using the app, I am really thankful for it,” said Weatherton. “Whenever I’m ridesharing, or I feel unsafe walking alone, I just place my finger on the button, and when I get to my safe place, I release it and put in my pin code.”

We decided to set up a test call with SafeTrek to see exactly how the app works. I pressed the “hold until safe” button, released it, and purposely did not type in my pin code. Within seconds I was contacted via text message by dispatchers. The text messages indicated that a dispatcher was going to call my phone. I could either cancel the alarm at that moment, text my emergency situation, or do nothing and let a dispatcher call me. An emergency dispatcher was on the phone with me within 15 seconds after I did not enter my pin code. If I had been in a situation where I did not feel comfortable talking on the phone, SafeTrek would have still been able to send police to my exact location.

“Having this app is like having a personal guardian everywhere you go. Of course, I would always like to be around friends when I go out, but that is not always a possibility. Using the SafeTrek app empowers me to go out on my own, and still feel safe,” Weatherton said.

While we are sure that Weatherton’s parents will always worry about their daughter’s safety, they can feel a peace knowing that she has to tools to always call for help under any circumstance.

You can download the SafeTrek app from the App Store or Google Play. Feel safer with a $2.99 monthly subscription, or save when you buy yourself, or a loved one a $29.99 annual subscription. Visit SafeTrekApp.com for more information.

*Named changed for privacy.

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