Lawmakers pass education budget, autism bill in late night



MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT)– It was a marathon day at the state house. Lawmakers worked through the night. The House recessing at 4 a.m. They are trying to get everything squared away by the end of Friday.

Here are some of the bills that could come up on Thursday: a bill that would allow midwives to practice legally, a bill to regulate faith-based daycares, and a bill to get rid of pistol permits. They all could make it through in the final hours of this legislative session.

The House passed the education budget early Thursday morning. It now goes to Governor Ivey’s desk. The main impacts on children are increased pre-k funding and more than 100 teachers added to fourth thru sixth grade.

Rep. Bill Poole, (R) Tuscaloosa said, “I think they should see this as a positive for education in Alabama. I think they should see that lawmakers are working together to affect the outcomes within our fiscal capacity. So I think they should be proud of the legislature on this night.”

The autism insurance bill also passed around 2 a.m. Thursday. It would require insurance plans to cover therapy for children diagnosed with autism up to the age of 18. Companies with less than 50 employees would be exempt.

The big debate Thursday will be redistricting. Lawmakers with the black caucus say they will have the bill read aloud to stall a vote. That could last eight hours.

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