Roll Tide: New McFarland Bridge will be suspension style, painted crimson!

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Plans to bring McFarland Mall back to life are currently in the works, but even before that happens, the city is planning to replace the bridge on Interstate-59 over McFarland Boulevard.

You’ll see what the new bridge will look like first on CBS42. The bridge at I-59, 20 and 82, also known as the Skyland Boulevard Corridor.

Stan Pate a developer, says it will be a suspension bridge, painted crimson. You’ll know for sure you’re entering tide country.

City leaders along with Pate and reps from several local and federal agencies are looking into creating a modified overpass, also called an Echelon interchange, to improve traffic.

They hope it’ll attract more businesses to the area as well after many businesses have closed their doors on the south side of town – McFarland Mall taking a big hit. Right now, there’s just one tenant left. Once that lease is up, the new shopping center, called Encore, will begin to take shape.

Mayor Walt Maddox says the redevelopment of Southside is expected to create over $400 million of economic development.

“It could do for that side of town what downtown revitalization has done in our central city, I really believe it’s this decades downtown revitalization but its going to require a massive amount of cooperation between federal state and local entities,’ said Maddox.

The McFarland Bridge construction is already scheduled and funding is in place.



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