Mom Monday: Packing light on your next trip

As school is winding down, it’s time for vacations to start gearing up.

Ashley talked to professional organizer Carrie Thayer for this week’s Mom Monday.

If packing is something you dread when preparing for vacation, we may be able to help. Thayer shared some tips and tricks for packing light and staying organized.

Think about mixing and matching your pieces, and incorporating your jewelry.

“Pack versatile items, colors, and patterns that go together easily,” Thayer suggests.

Small items like a necklace or earrings can change an entire look and save space in your luggage.

“I love packing accessories because that really increases the options for your outfits,” Thayer says.

Pro Tip: Use a pill organizer to store your jewelry.

Pack smart – leave food and chores at home.

Be conscious of how you pack your clothes. You don’t want to have to iron on vacation.

Pro Tip: Roll your clothes when you pack. It eliminates wrinkles and saves space.

Thayer says you don’t need to take the entire pantry with you. Pack a small cooler for the road, but leave the rest of your food at home.

Pro Tip: Purchase consumables, like diapers or food, at your destination.

Many people don’t think about how they pack their cords. If packed correctly, you can prevent them from getting tangled and save space in your bag.

Pro Tip: Tuck your cords in an eyeglass case.

For more great tips and ways to get organized check out Carrie’s website KEMPT PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZING.

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