Missing bike returned to 7-year-old Hoover boy

HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) — Hoover Police were excited Tuesday to share some good news–a 7-year-old boy got his missing bike back!

Officer Brian Hale tells us the boy’s mom posted a photo of his missing bike on a neighborhood Facebook page after he accidentally left it near the street at their Bluff Park home.

We’ve all been there as children…your prized possession taken from you…not fun,” Officer Hale explained. “Folks understandably wanted to help, from keeping an eye out to even wanting to donate money for a new bike. Mom seemed genuinely appreciative of the donations, but it wasn’t about getting a ‘new’ one. Max wanted his old bike back.”

Luckily for Max, both the community and the Hoover PD were keeping their eyes open for his prized possession. Neighbors remembered seeing a particular car in the area during the time it was taken, and told HPD. Officers went to the house where they thought that car might be, and were able to locate the bike.

“It was a huge misunderstanding, and the person felt terrible for what happened,” Hale said. “We are happy to report that, because of a concerned mother, along with folks in the community that were keeping an eye out then relaying information to us, Max has his bike back! Officers Lakendrick Edwards and Ellen Campbell were honored to help bring some good news to a 7-year-old boy. This is yet another example of why it is a pleasure to serve such wonderful citizens!”


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