Mom Monday: Finding time to exercise with your kids

(WIAT) The summer is here, which means the kiddos are at home.

You may be wondering how to get through your to-do list now that your tiny ones have to tag along.

Well, classes at Pure Fitness in Vestavia Hills can help with at least one of your tasks – working out. They have mommy-and-me yoga that can allow you to get your workout in and still spend time with your kids.

From building strong humans to building strong bonds, there are so many benefits to sharing your physical fitness experience with your children.

Yoga instructor Shea Beshara says the class is great for kids because it builds physical coordination, self-regulation, social skills, and self-esteem. She says kids love the interaction and moms love the fact that they don’t have to leave behind their children.

“It’s good bonding,” Beshara said. “It’s just a fun activity for families to do together.”

Leah Eagle is a parent who attends the class. She says she enjoys spending time with her daughter.

“We’ve really enjoyed our experiences of being able to come here and have some mommy time and get a work out while we’re at it,” Eagle said.

The classes are also a way to get kids engaged in wellness at a young age. Seeing their mom care about her health will naturally inspire the younger ones to do the same.

For more information on dates and times of these classes, check out the Pure Fitness website and be sure to follow them on Facebook ant Instagram.

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