Alabama lawmakers witness, react to shooting at GOP baseball practice

WASHINGTON, DC (WIAT) – Two Alabama congressmen were on the baseball field when gunfire erupted Wednesday morning in Arlington, Virginia.  Alabama Reps. Mo Brooks and Gary Palmer watched as House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Lousiana was hit–and as Capitol Police returned fire.

Five people were wounded in the gunfire.  Palmer confirmed that he injured his leg while trying to escape and sought medical treatment.  “I was about 20 yards away from the shooter,” Palmer said.  “I am thankful for the bravery shown by the Capitol Police who were present and the quick action by the Alexandria, Va. Police Department in their response which undoubtedly saved many innocent lives today.”

Brooks echoed those comments.  “They were taking on a guy with a rifle from 90 to 120 feet away,” he said.  “They had pistols, he had a rifle–it was not a fair fight.  Both of them [the police] were wounded.  The bravery that they showed was just incredible.”

Reaction continued to pour in from other Alabama elected officials on Wednesday.  Governor Kay Ivey released a statement:

An attack on members of Congress, their staff, and Capitol Police is an attack on the fabric of our nation. This cowardly, senseless shooting should drive us to our knees in prayer for those injured and justice for the offender. As Alabamians, we should be united in our quest to protect our freedoms at all costs.”

Rep. Terri Sewell also sent out a string of tweets.  She wrote in part:

“This is not just an attack on Republican members of Congress, it’s an attack on our colleagues, our friends, and the institution we represent.”

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