WATCH: Beach Goer Catches Video Of Shark In Gulf Shores

GULF SHORES, Alabama (WKRG)  — Beachgoers along the gulf coast witnessed what could have been a scary situation Friday.

Kayla Blanks of Birmingham, Alabama captured this video on her cell phone of a shark entering shallow waters.

It appears the shark was following a fish. In a statement to WKRG on Facebook, Blanks said “We think it was a small tarpon, or schooling bait fish. But there was two other sharks behind that one I couldn’t get on video.”

Blanks went on to say “It happened at 2:44 central time in Gulf Shores about a mile from the state pier directly in front of the light house condos.”

When the shark was spotted, people were still in the water. In Kayla’s Facebook post she said people were yelling “shark”, but the people in the water did not speak English and did not understand.  “There was some volunteer fire men from the Montevallo Fire Department (Shelby County Alabama) that jumped in and kinda alerted and got them out of the water!” says Blanks.

She said if the officials had not been there to alert the people, the situation could have been worse.

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