Viral sister singing group lands record contract with legendary Birmingham producer

(WIAT) — The Matthews Sisters harmonic voices have been going viral on social media, and they got another boost when we introduced you to the singing sisters last week on the CBS42 News at 10.

A very special local producer ended up watching that newscast, Dr. Henry Panion from Audiostate 55 recording studio and entertainment company.

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After the show, Panion sent me a message that said he enjoyed the singing sisters and asked if we could connect them. He wanted to record their rendition of the National Anthem, and maybe more.

So we invited the Matthews family to CBS42 so we could surprise them with the offer.

We told them we wanted to record them in the studio for a story, and as they sat in the green room, we aired a story on our 6 p.m. newscast on Panion’s studio.

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Then, we brought them to the studio to sing some of their songs, and while they were singing, Panion slipped into the studio and into the crowd.

“I said listen, if they want to come into Audiostate and record the National Anthem, and that song and another song that we’d make it available to you,” Panion told the girls.

Their mother, Tara Matthews Ryan, was elated about the news.

“If anybody deserves it…I know their dad is looking down from Heaven proud of them, and I am too,” Matthews Ryan said. “Thank you so much.”

The sisters, Jacy, Sadie, and Mia, thanked Panion with the song that hooked him, delivering another perfect performance of the National Anthem.

The Matthews Sisters and Audiostate agreed to record the National Anthem before the Fourth of July.


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