Moody mom asks for birthday cards for son with autism and cerebral palsy

MOODY, Ala. (WIAT) — A Moody mother wants to make sure her son gets the birthday he deserves and now she’s asking for your help.

April Raines spends all day, every day with her two autistic kids. Her son Ryan, is non-verbal, autistic, suffers from seizures, has cerebral palsy and several other medical conditions.

Sadly, when birthday’s roll around she tries to prepare herself for the worst.

“It’s hard, I mean, I want him to be included him to be excepted and it’s never been that way he’s never been accepted,” said Raines.

April says in the past no one has showed up for her kids’ birthday parties so she’d thought she try something different this time around.

After seeing the idea on Facebook, she thought to ask for strangers to send birthday cards to Ryan.

“I’ll read the cards to him every night and he loves it every time he gets a card he lights up,” she said.

Ryan has already received cards from all over the country. She hopes to spread the message of acceptance.

“He may be autistic, he may have seizures he may have a behavioral issue but he’s more than that, he’s Ryan,”said Raines.

You can send birthday your cards to Ryan Raines at this address: 1304 Newton Circle Moody, AL 35004.

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