Tuscaloosa cleaning up after a wet Thursday

TUSCALOOSA, Ala (WIAT) — After tornadoes affected other parts of the state, Tuscaloosa County is trying to dry off after serious flooding made travel difficult.

One family in the Covey Chase community is removing a tree from their house after it fell this afternoon. Nobody was home at the time the tree fell, but a neighbor watched it happen from next door.

Gerry Omer said, “I heard a noise, cracking and popping, and it wasn’t probably 15 minutes and it was on their good.”

Tuscaloosa County EMA Director Rob Robertson warns that soggy soil can lessen the integrity of the ground and make it much easier for trees to topple over.

“A lot of weight with all the water on the trees, and the leaves on them this time of the year, then you have the ground saturated,” Robertson said. “You have all these factors come together at once and we just end up with trees down.”


In addition, the West Alabama Chapter of the American Red Cross is ready to assist neighboring counties in need. They tell CBS 42 that volunteers are  ready to be deployed as needed to other counties, and as far away as gulf shores.


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