Bessemer man needs better, safer sidewalks

BESSEMER, Ala (WIAT) — The cracked sidewalks in some Bessemer neighborhoods might not stick out to most people. But for those having to use them every day, each crack represents another struggle.

Bessemer native Killian Easton, 23, uses the sidewalks every day to move between his home and the bus he rides to work. But rain or shine, the aging concrete, and gaping holes are making it more challenging to navigate city streets.

“We need for him to be safe, and an independent, productive part of the community,” said his mother, June Burks. She’s upset that the city hasn’t been proactive about sidewalk repairs.

Sometimes, Killian is forced to ride in the streets to avoid problems, but doing so presents a problem of it’s own. Killian says drivers have been known to yell at him to move.

“You need to get out of the road!” he says they often yell.

CBS 42 reached out to the City of Bessemer, and a city representative visited Killian’s home and says that the city will repair the sidewalks he uses to make sure he has an easier time getting around.

“If the sidewalks were fixed, and it was more accessible to all people, it’s affecting the whole community,” his Ms. Burks said.

CBS 42 plans to follow up with Killian and with the city to make sure the work gets done.


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