Birmingham Church Holds Final Service

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — After serving the community for more than a century, a local church is no more.

Sunday morning the Sandusky United Methodist Church held its last service.  Elaine Argent has been a member for 43 years.  She was sad to see this day come.

“I’ve been a member since 1974, all four of my children who are grown now were baptized here.  My husband was baptized here and my husband’s funeral was here in 1996.  So this church holds lots of memories.  Good memories and it is hard to let them go” Argent said.

Argent said many former members have moved out of the state over the years and many older parishioners have passed away.  As a result, the church membership has dropped to below 20 members.  The Sunday service was well attended.  Many families and former members traveled to Birmingham to see old friends and see the church one last time.  Sandusky United Methodist has been in existence for 126 years.

Shirley Lacy and her sister have a lot of memories.  Their family helped to build the original building.

“It is a happy day and a sad day.  It is happy that my sister and I could come back to the sanctuary.  Our grandfather and his son built it brick by brick” Lacy said.

During the Sunday church service, Elaine Argent was emotional and was brought to tears.

“My heart feels like the bottom dropped out of it.  It is just a feeling you can’t describe when you’ve loved something for so long and for it to be gone it is like a death in the family”.

Sandusky United Methodist Church is one of twenty-one Methodist churches being closed this year in Alabama.

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