Most Lake Tuscaloosa boat docks could pose safety risk

TUSCALOOSA, Ala (WIAT) — The City of Tuscaloosa is taking a hard look at its permitting procedure for boat docks after 2 women’s lives were cut short in April due to electrocution while they were sunbathing.

The incident shed light on a shocking statistic: of Lake Tuscaloosa’s 1,200 permitted boat docks, fewer than 40 have electrical permits. That means that the majority of docks on the lake that likely have electricity running to them have never been inspected by the city to ensure they meet safety standards.

“It brought to light some deficiencies in un-permitted electrical components on the lake,” said Jarrod Milligan, Deputy Executive Director of Tuscaloosa Infrastructure and Public Services.

“The electricity or electrical components on Lake Tuscaloosa is not something that is new. We’re hoping to bring to light those issues we found and how we plan to address them moving forward,” Milligan added.

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