Mother and daughter survive Fairfield storms, move to higher purpose

FAIRFIELD, Ala. (WIAT) — Tomeka Moore was caught in the center of the tornado as it ripped through Fairfield, and nearly a week later, she’s living her life with a little more purpose.

Moore is a single mother that does everything with her daughter Thulania, like their favorite hobby of baking, and they call each other best friends.

Last Thursday, the family took a short trip to the dollar store when everything went south. An unexpected encounter that almost took two best friends away from each other.

“The dirt [was] just circulating around the car, just going in circles like a washing machine,” Tomeka said. “And all I could do was hold on to the steering wheel and put my feet on the brakes and just pray.”

The storm picked up Moore’s car and dropped it far away from its initial spot with her and Thulania inside, but neither was harmed.

Moore is calling their safe landing a sign of god’s grace over her only child.

She tried several times to have a child – she had a still birth, Angel, who was born weighing only one pound.

It could have been an angel that watched over young Thulania and her mother in the storm. Tomeka believes she’s been preserved for a higher purpose.

“I walked to the nearest church Sunday because that would mean something to me to know that we are able to walk, and we are able to lift our hands up and praise God,” Moore said. “Because he’s the one that saved us not man, not friend, but God saved me and my baby through that storm and I thank him for it.”

Moore is finding her purpose through baking cookies. She plans to continue building her small business “Tu Tu’s Gourmet Treats,” naming it after her miracle baby Thulania.

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