U.S. Army: No active shooter, no casualties at Redstone Arsenal, investigation underway

MOBILE, Ala. – UPDATE 3:53 p.m.: Officials at Redstone Arsenal have determined that there was no active shooter or casualties involved in Tuesday’s incident at Redstone Arsenal, according to Col. Tom Holliday, the garrison commander at the facility.

At this time, the incident has moved on to the investigation phase, and an active shooter drill scheduled for later this week has been canceled. At this time, there is no evidence that any shots were fired, according to Holliday.

At about 9:40 a.m., base officials received two 911 calls about a possible active shooter at the Sparkman Complex, according to Holliday. Officers responded to the incident, and went through the process of securing the Sparkman Complex.

At about 12:50 p.m., officials determined it was an isolated incident, and resumed normal operations while continuing to clear the complex. At about 2:50 p.m., the building was determined to be clear, and the incident moved into the investigation phase.

“What I really want to make clear, is that when it comes to the safety and security of our workforce, our systems worked,” Holliday said in his press conference. “That was proven today. The drills and training that we do on a daily basis panned out and worked the way we needed it to work.”

UPDATE 1:30 PM: The City of Huntsville released a statement on the incident at Redstone Arsenal:

UPDATE 1 PM: Redstone Arsenal posted an update for the first time since they posted, “Run fight hide:”

UPDATE 12:45 PM: CBS 42’s Jamie Ostroff spoke to Amy Jay, the wife of a man who was on lockdown inside the Sparkman Center. They communicated via Facebook Messenger, and he was able to tell her he was safe in his office and hadn’t heard any gunshots.

Official spokesman Christopher Colster says the investigation on the base is ongoing. He says they do not think there is a threat at this point, and that is why they reopened the gates and lifted the lockdown for the base.

Colster says he’s still not sure what happened. “As soon as I know, you’ll know,” he said. He has no word that anyone has been taken into custody.

UPDATE 11:45 AM: CNN says the possible active shooter was reported at Building 5301, the aviation and missile command in the post’s Sparkman Center, according to spokeswoman Kim Hanson with the Army.

CNN also obtained an email sent to facility personnel and relatives that was more explicit, reportedly saying  an active shooter was on the building’s second floor.

“If you are not in the Sparkman Center, stay away from the area,” the email, sent at 10:08 CT and obtained by CNN, reads. “… this is an initial report, 911 has been called, more to follow.”
CNN also reports FBI Agents from Birmingham are headed to the scene. Homeland Security is on the scene. An ambulance service has also been sent to the facility according to Kristin Clark, a dispatcher for Huntsville EMS.

A possible active shooter forced Redstone Arsenal, a U.S. Army Post, to go into lockdown Tuesday morning.

According to a tweet from the base, there is a possible active shooter on the arsenal.  Spokesman Christopher Colster spoke to media; he said Redstone Arsenal received reports of a person possibly armed with a weapon at a building on the base.

A reporter asked him what he would say to those with family members on the base; he replied they prepare for this situation all the time. He explained they coordinate with Huntsville police, the Redstone Arsenal’s own police, the FBI and more federal authorities. Colster said there were no confirmed casualties, and officials hoped workers could return to normal activities within a couple of hours.

A safety drill was planned for Wednesday, but Colster said the report of a shooter was not part of any exercise.

Redstone Arsenal is located in Madison County, Ala., which is south of Huntsville near the Huntsville International Airport.

Close to 40,000 people work on the base in Huntsville; the majority are civilians.

WIAT will provide updates as information becomes available.

CNN, AP, WKRG, WHNT and WZDX contributed to this story

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