Snap Map Warning

COLUMBIANA, Ala, (WIAT) — Local authorities are issuing a warning about a new Snapchat filter that shows the user’s exact location. It’s called Snap Map.

They believe it could be dangerous, especially for young users because a user doesn’t have to be following someone to see their location or their snap.

It could also expose unsuspecting users to inappropriate content.

Alabaster Police Department Community Relations Officer John St. Pierre said it’s similar to location services on other platforms.

“Be mindful of what your children are doing on these social media apps. Because of the simple fact with this new snap map, you can see other Snapchat users that you’re not friends with and that’s very concerning because there’s no telling what people are posting,” said St. Pierre.

The location sharing feature can be turned off using the settings inside the app — turn on a feature called Ghost Mode — or location services for the app can be turned off altogether through the settings on your smartphone.

To access settings within the app and disable location sharing, pinch the screen from camera mode to reveal the map. Tap the gear icon in the upper right hand corner to access settings. Then turn on Ghost Mode.

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