Family remembers toddler hit and killed by vehicle in Clanton

CENTREVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — The family of a toddler hit and killed by a vehicle is opening up about what happened before the collision in Clanton Tuesday.

Connor Lee Dodd was just 16 months old when he died.

According to authorities, Dodd died from injuries after he was struck outside of his home at 14th Street and 2nd Avenue North.

“I’ll never get to take my son to his first day of school, I’ll never get to teach him how to ride a bike, I’ll never get to take him fishing,” said Connor’s father, Timothy Dodd.

When Connor was born, Dodd says their family was going through a lot. A new little boy seemed to be the glue that held everyone intact.

Now, loved ones are just trying to keep it together.

“The way he looked at life, he was literally perfect, he could have done so much, just give him 20 years,” said Dodd.

Family members say Dodd had an infectious laugh and contagious smile. He loved to be outside.

“I’ve never met an angel until I saw him,” said his grandmother Sabrina Fortner.

Connor’s mother, Jamie Crim, said Connor and his father came to pick her up from the night shift at work.

When the family returned home, Dodd had to run to a neighbor’s home. Crim said she was holding Connor’s hand on the porch, trying to find the keys to get inside.

“I couldn’t find the keys so I let go and the next thing I know happened, he was so quiet about it and so quick,” said Crim.

The little boy’s family said Connor ended up close enough to the road that he was hit by the oncoming vehicle.

“It was over in just a blink of an eye, the last thing I ever heard my son say, was he called for me.”

Connor’s family is preparing to say goodbye to a little boy they said has changed all of them for the better.

“If I had to do it over, I would take his place in a heartbeat,” said Timothy Dodd.

It’s unclear if speed was a factor in the incident. Clanton Police continue to investigate the wreck. The driver stayed on scene and so far no charges have been announced.

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