Man is carted cross-country on makeshift sleigh by dogs

(WIAT) — One Knoxville native is being pulled across the country on a makeshift sleigh by his Huskies.

Georgie Cutright says he’s trying to raise awareness about shelter dogs and spread the word of God while on his journey.

He says the idea came to him one day after his car broke down. He started training his Huskies for the trip, and 300 miles and 4 months later, he’s made his way through Alabama.

Cutright’s story has gotten a lot of attention on social media. He says he hopes his journey can be an inspiration to others.

“Something inside of me told me this was going to be big,” Cutright said. “It was going to touch the lives of so many people and bring a little joy in the world when there are so many people that think it’s dark when it’s not. We have to be careful, but we need to be kind.”

The group’s final destination is Venice, California. So far, he’s relied solely on the kindness of strangers for sleeping accommodations and things he’s needed along the journey.

Cutright’s trip will take him a little over a year to complete.

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