One week after tornado, Fairfield braces for more rain

FAIRFIELD, Ala. (WIAT) — One week after a tornado ripped through Fairfield, residents are bracing for another round of rain.

Volunteers, cleanup crews and roofers were out and about Thursday morning in the neighborhood hit hardest by the storm seven days prior.

Many worked quickly to secure tarp to roofs that were punctured by toppled trees.

Many of those homes were already soaked by the rain that came with the tornado.

“(I’ve) got to make sure the roof is covered up, inside material so the furniture won’t get wet– saturated more than it has been already,” said Rodger Davis, who was working on the roof of a home whose occupants left town Thursday.

Despite the hole in her roof and significant water damage, Henrietta Young, 84, did not want to leave her home after the tornado.

She was thankful that people had helped her shield her home from more rain.

“They’ve been so sweet, and I just thank the lord for everything that everybody is doing, and how nice the people have been,” Young said.

“At a time like this, it’s good to help your neighbors,” said Robert Philips, who was helping with the cleanup. “I mean, we all need some help at some point in time.”

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