Small town police officer makes huge drug busts on I-20

HEFLIN, Ala. (WIAT) – The Heflin Police Department may serve a small town, but they make big busts when it comes to stopping criminals with illegal drugs and guns.

Officer Danny Turner is responsible for many of those drug busts. He has even been nationally recognized, but he doesn’t work alone.

Officer Turner is a K-9 officer who works alongside his K-9 Beanie. The duo has received awards from the National Crime Enforcement Association, including the award for the most guns and largest amount of ecstasy seized by an officer.

Turner has been in the law enforcement industry for more than 20 years. He’s been with the Heflin Police Department for around 5 years, where he rides his normal beat in a 7 mile stretch of I-20.

The K-9 officer says they’ve seized many types of drugs, like meth, ICE, marijuana, LSD, cocaine, PCP, and ecstasy. He calls I-20 a drug corridor.

“With it being an interstate, you can go so far on it and stay off these side streets,” Turner said. “It’s most definitely a corridor.”

Many of the busts start with a traffic stop. Turner says Beanie will sniff out drugs during the stop, giving them reason to search the vehicle.

“If something isn’t adding up, there is some criminal indicators going on,” Turner said. “We do a deployment of the dog and through a free air sniff he will let you know if there is a narcotic odor from the vehicle, which gives us probable cause to search the vehicle.”

Turner has made large busts, including seizing around half a pound of molly and more than 300 of tabs of ecstasy. Last year he seized 38 guns for illegal possession.

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