Jasper to spend $1 million to fix flooding problems

Courtesy of Wikipedia.

JASPER, Ala. (WIAT) — Dustin Beaty was greeted by a flood when he arrived at work Friday morning.

He took out his iPhone and shot video of the inside of the Lavish Boutique, which he owns with his wife. In the video, he can be heard sloshing around in the inches of flood water that covered the entire floor.

“We could have had a modern day ark come through,” Beaty said. “The animals could have been pairing up, two-by-two, at that time.”

Beaty told CBS42 News that it’s not uncommon for the area of 19th Street outside his store to flood when it rains, and that water sometimes seeps under the door.

When that happens, Beaty said it’s usually just a large puddle. Friday’s flood was the worst he’d ever seen.

“You kind of go into panic mode,” Beaty said. “I dont think there’s anything we can do here. I think there’s a drainage problem that’s been around for a while.”

David O’Mary, Jasper’s mayor, is aware of the flooding problem on 19th Street.

O’Mary told CBS 42 that City Council just approved more than $1 million in spending on three separate projects to help with storm water drainage in problematic parts of Jasper.

According to O’Mary, the area close to Beaty’s store will likely be the first project to begin.

“I spoke with our city engineer (Friday) morning, and it’s my belief that we’ll try to nail down the specifics of this work and hopefully have that moving along in the next 60 days. And that should alleviate the problem,” O’Mary said. “I’m just pleased that we’re in a position to solve this problem.”

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