Rep. Rogers says he wasn’t approached with bribes, despite reports

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Since former Rep. Oliver Robinson entered into a plea deal with the government concerning his involvement with a bribery conspiracy case, there have been a number of stories to circulate about other lawmakers.  The most recent to gain traction?  A story involving former Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange and Rep. John Rogers.

Dr. Randy Brinson, who is running against Luther Strange for the U.S. Senate seat, told CBS 42 that he had a conversation with Rogers earlier this week as he planned a press conference regarding the health dangers of the EPA Superfund site.

“He said during that conversation, which was witnessed, I had it on Bluetooth, it was witnessed by three other individuals…he said that Luther Strange offered him to head a super PAC as part of the conversation.  We were talking about corruption and how Luther is tied in with this corruption ,“ Brinson explained. “A few hour later he called back and he said, I can’t do it.  These are bad people we’re dealing with.’’

On Friday, Rogers denied that story.  He told CBS 42 that Brinson misunderstood the conversation. ’’I wasn’t clear enough to him,’’ Rogers explained of Brinson.  ’’I have not had one meeting with Luther Strange.  I have not been offered any kind of bribe at anytime, whatsoever.  I’m not afraid to say what happened.  I’m not afraid of anybody.  I’m going to say it like it is and tell it like it is.  The shoe is going to fall where it’s going to fall.’’

However, Rogers said he thinks that Strange is somehow involved in the controversy.  He referenced e-mails that Strange sent while he was Alabama Attorney General that pushed back against the EPA involvement in North Birmingham.

How can you believe that when you are looking at the death?“ said Rogers.  “The people that are complaining about how they are being poisoned over the years?“

Stranges team also responded to the allegations after a story was published in the Alabama Political Reporter, saying, “As Alabamas Attorney General, Senator Strange led the national fight again the overreaching Obama EPA in order to protect jobs in Alabama and across the country.“

Strange went on the call the report “salacious gossip.“


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