Fire destroys Cullman wedding venue, owner issuing refunds

CULLMAN, Ala. (WIAT) — A fire over the weekend destroyed a popular wedding venue in Cullman. The owners, Michael and Amanda Keller said they are offering refunds to brides whose weddings are affected by the fire.

When the call came in around 1 a.m. Saturday, Bethsadia EMS Captain Jeff Byars said the structure was already engulfed in flames.

“Just the size of it was one big challenge. We had a lot of hose stretched out. It was a big scene to cover,” said Byars.

The venue is described online as a 14,000 square foot facility. Fire departments from Bethsadia, Good Hope, Logan, Trimble, West Point, Vinemont and Cullman responded.

“Some of them were bringing just trucks to shuttle water, some it was just manpower. But it took everybody involved there to get that under control,” said Byars.

“I was in shock,” said bride-to-be Lindy Speake. “He told me first and I honestly thought he was joking.”

Speake found out about the fire from her fiance. They had booked the venue earlier this year for their wedding on July 15.

“We had just put countless hours into it, so I was just thinking, ‘What do we do now?'” she said.

With family flying in from out of state and time already taken off work, they didn’t want to reschedule, but they would have to relocate.

“It’s gorgeous and, like I said before, I’ve looked at several places and the expectations they had set for me, I feel like I’m going to be let down.”

But in the two days since the fire, Speake said the community has stepped forward to help save the date.

“It’s amazing! I’ve had tons of messages, you know, ‘Can I help with this?’ ‘Can I help with that?'” she said. “I’ve not had a wedding planner to this point to save money, but I had a lady who’s willing to step in and help that day which is going to be a huge stress relief.”

She also found a venue.

“We are going to get married at the Old Greenhouse in Arab … He was originally closed the week of our wedding for a vacation, but he’s going to allow it to be open for us to have it there,” she said.

Several other venues and vendors were also reaching out to brides online.

The owners of Brick Haven, Michael and Amanda Keller, said they will be at the venue all day Tuesday issuing refunds to affected brides. Michael Keller said they’ve been trying to make contact with their clients.

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