Owner searches for dog after fireworks scare animal off

UPDATE: (7/2/17): Mabel was found safe inside Oak Mountain State Park. She was taken to the front gate where Park officials were able to reunite her with the Giles family.

————————————————————— ORIGINAL ———————————————————————————————

PELHAM, Ala. (WIAT) —  The sounds of fireworks can be frightening to pets.

One woman learned this firsthand, as she told CBS42 News, when she lost her dog at Oak Mountain State Park on Monday night as soon as the fireworks started.

Tracy Giles is looking for her dog, Mabel, who she hasn’t seen since “Fire on the Water.”

Mabel is microchipped, but Giles is hoping someone out there can help bring her back home. July 4 is another night of loud fireworks, and dogs like Mabel who don’t like fireworks.

“My biggest fear is fireworks tonight,” Giles said on Tuesday. “I mean if she hears fireworks tonight, she will be beside herself. So I’m really hoping maybe somebody got her and haven’t seen any social media post yet.”

Giles is asking anyone that sees Mabel to call Pelham or Helena Police.

Experts say that when it comes to fireworks, the best thing you can do is leave your pets indoors, preferably in an interior room to lessen sound exposure.

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