Adamsville veteran celebrates 100th birthday

ADAMSVILLE, ALA. (WIAT) — While many Americans celebrated the birth of our country, an Adamsville man celebrated 100 years of life.

Bo Prewett turned 100 years old on July 4th. The former Marine celebrated his centennial with multiple parties.

The city of Adamsville honored the WWII veteran through a celebration at the Senior Center on Wednesday morning.

Prewett also had a party on Tuesday at his church home for 70 years, Midway United Methodist Church.

The man of the century had only positive words to say about his life.

“I’ve enjoyed it. I have enjoyed the last 100 years,” said Prewitt. “I had a lot of fun when I was a kid.”

Prewett’s sons say they are so proud of their dad.

“He has been a great influence to us and for us,” said Bo Prewett Jr. “He’s cared for us and loved us, and everything.”

Tom Prewett also reiterated his father’s love for his children.

“He has been a wonderful father, loving father, and very instructional father,” said Tom Prewett. “But also, in addition to that, he’s a devout man.”


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