Huntsville judge considers setting bond terror suspect

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WZDX) — Startling details are out in the terror case involving Madison County resident Aziz Sayyed.

At a bond hearing today, prosecutors said Sayyed planned to blow up police stations and wooden boards and knives were found inside his apartment.

Sayyed’s attorney continues to argue that a bond needs to be set for his client.

Three weeks after Aziz Sayyed’s arrest, prosecutors argued in Judge Richardson’s courtroom that the terror suspect pledged his allegiance to ISIS.

They say he watched ISIS videos to learn how to behead people and wanted to blow up police buildings.

Prosecutor Tim Gann said, “He is absolutely a clear and present danger to our community or any community that he is released in.”

Assistant DA Jay Town compared chemicals found in Sayyed’s home to those used in explosives during the Ariana Grande concert explosion in Manchester.

Identified as TATP, those chemicals contain over-the-counter products like acetone and peroxide similar to those used in the Boston Marathon Bombings.

Tim Gann said, “The plan was to initiate it the next week before he got arrested.”

According to prosecutors, Sayyed spoke openly with at least two friends about the harm he planned on carrying out.

Sayyed’s attorney, Bruce Gardner, said, “All I heard was my client looked at some videos and maybe ran his mouth off with some friends.”

Despite arguments presented and the threat prosecutors say Sayyed posed, Gardner says his client did not act on any crimes.

Gardner argues that he, “…didn’t take any next step, if you will, beyond saying what he thought he might do.”

The judge, in this case, is researching more information before making a ruling.

Prosecutor Tim Gann says he expects a decision to be made by the end of the week and says if a bond is issued, he expects it to be a high one.

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