Bear spotted in Sylacauga, Childersburg

TALLADEGA COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Neighbors in two cities within Talladega County have reported bear sightings in the past week.

The first came early Wednesday morning in Childersburg.

Neighbors also reported seeing a bear in a neighborhood in Sylacauga Thursday.

“I’m just sitting there watching TV and the bear walks right by,” said Caleb Harris.

Harris grabbed his cell phone and recorded video and pictures that have now been spread across the community through social media.

“Last I saw it had like 300 shares and that was earlier this morning,” said Harris.

While Harris has pictures for proof, he had a hard time convincing his family of what was outside the door.

“My dad was watching Yogi Bear on TV. This is serious, I’m being serious. He was watching it on TV and he thought I was joking when I said there’s a bear in the front yard,” said Harris.

It was not a joke. There were no picnic baskets, but that doesn’t mean the bear wasn’t looking for lunch.

“We look down the road and there’s a trash can that’s knocked over, all the trash is all over the road,” said Harris.

Trash, pet food, and bird feeders can all be targets for bears. Alabama wildlife officers told CBS 42 it’s the time of year when young animals leave the den.

Bears often don’t stay in the same area long and are usually just passing through. The Talladega National Forrest isn’t far away from Childersburg or Sylacauga.

It’s unclear whether it is just one bear or multiple. Wildlife experts said the animals have always been in the area.

In the digital age, more sightings are reported now that neighbors have cell phone pictures and video for proof.

If you see a bear, keep your distance and do not approach it. To report a sighting, click here. 

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