Pell City picks up the pieces after severe weather

PELL CITY, Ala. (WIAT) — The cleanup is continuing for people in some Pell City neighborhoods after strong storms rolled through the area on Thursday afternoon.

Several blocks near Allen Road saw trees tumbling down, branches in the roadways, and one woman’s garage roof was ripped off.

“Very intense for about twenty minutes. after that, it was over,” said Marshall Hartley, a Pell City resident. “Heavy winds, heavy thunder and lightning, heavy rain. You couldn’t see, if I was standing there on my front porch, you couldn’t see the road.”

Hartley told CBS42 News that he is used to these kinds of sudden storms during the summer months, and he will be cleaning up the damage to his property throughout the rest of the weekend.

“It comes and goes. you kind of get used to it. You can see my neighbor’s got limbs down. We are here in Pine Harbor on the high point, this just goes out into Lake Logan Martin,” Hartley said. “On the high point, the winds come in off the lake and sometimes, we just get the brunt of everything.”


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